22 Weeks!

Wow, it's week 22 and I just went to the bathroom for what feels like the 10th time today. Baby Boy has taken up permanent residence on top of my bladder. I could almost feel it when he moved there. He's been quite active and busy. Let's hope that means good things!

I was asked if I had a website for this pregnancy because I did one with Addy. This is it and I'm sad to say that I haven't done a very good job of posting. Let's see if I can change that now that spring is coming.

Frogs, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails

Baby Boy! We found out at 15 weeks we are having a baby boy. This was a little earlier than normal because I had an emergency ultrasound due to some bleeding I was experiencing. Turns out everything is fine. We're so excited to be having a boy. Addy is going to make such a great sister!

Store View

This is hardly a picture that helps my photography skills, but I figure I better document one of my favorite views in the store, as soon it will be a distant memory.

365-ish Photo Project

My New Year's Resolution was to take 1 photo per day for the next year. It's Jan 2 and I haven't taken a photo yet. Great way to start, huh? I have to defend myself - I spent the entire day yesterday bedridden with a headache, feeling like I was hit by a truck. I don't remember being this miserable when pregnant with Addy, but I'm not liking this pregnancy thus far.

So, I think, given the fact that I haven't gotten off to a great start, my project will be called the 365-ish Photo Project. I'm going to work towards as many daily pictures as I can. The point is to document the next year in our family, as it's going to be one with lots of change. And, on top of that, maybe I'll improve my photography skills while I'm at it.

Cheers to 365-ish Photos!

Clients from Hell

Haven't looked through this much yet, but I have a feeling it will make me laugh.

Clients From Hell is a collection of anonymously contributed client horror stories from designers.

Breaking the News

I decided to find a cute way to tell everyone our news. Dan's mom is coming tonight and Addy's going to wear this shirt I made:

I can't wait to see her reaction! We'll probably have Addy wear it again at Thanksgiving.

Addy's wish list

I'm filling out a Christmas wish list for Addy on Elfster: http://www.elfster.com/apps/wishlist/WishlistItems.aspx?wid=2819663

I feel a little weird doing it, but I know family is going to ask what she wants/needs. I can just send them here. Toddler girls are really easy to shop for, so I know she'll love anything, but I'm making some guesses as to what she's been into lately.

Elfster's a really cool site. Not sure why someone didn't think of it sooner.